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Founded on September 9th, 1999 to undertake the 1% of “Human Genome Project”, BGI has been dedicated to utilize genomic science and technology to fulfill its mission “Trans-Omics for a better life”. So far, BGI has made comprehensive breakthroughs from basic scientific researches to industrial applications of genomics and built up the bio-economy ecosystem covering life science services, precision medicine, agriculture, forensics, etc. As a leading research and application center for genomics and bioinformatics globally and with offices and laboratories located across North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific, BGI currently works with more than 2000 research institutions and healthcare partners worldwide.


In 2017, Bangkok Genomics Innovation Company Limited (BGI local company) was founded, which proposes to offer the NIFTY™ test, and clinical and genomics services. Its mission is to make genetic tests available, accessible and affordable to the Thai people. Aiming at reducing birth defects, prolonging cancer patient survival time and controlling infectious diseases, Bangkok Genomics Innovation Co.,Ltd provides new ideas and better solutions for the local healthcare system, public health prevention. It is also furthering technology development of precision medicine.